Business development 


What does Business Development mean?

We support established companies in expanding their business areas, building and training teams and strategically (re-)aligning entire divisions, products, countries or business models. In close cooperation with the management team we support with practical, hands-on implementation on an operational level. We are your sparring partners, implementors and communicators (internal and external) and always take into account the aspects of marketing and sales and change management.



for Marketing & sales!

MaL!sh is specialized in online marketing & digital sales!

We work strategically and holistically on the growth and further development of our clients' marketing and sales activities. In doing so, we focus on Social Media, as this is where current and future customers, partners and employees are to be found. Our absolute expertise lies on the business platform LinkedIn.

From a holistic strategy to down to earth implementation, we are at your side and combine both online and offline methods. 

MaLish advises its customers on their challenges in the
digital transformation of marketing and sales processes and the Change Management of people and organisational cultures.

We accompany the people behind the processes with
workshops, trainings, impulses around the topics of
change management, leadership, time management and many more.

MaLish is a consulting firm that supports its clients with customized, actionable and practical solutions to empower their teams.

MaL!sh is results-oriented and works only with actionable tools and systems.

Our services

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Marketing and branding means visibility to the target audience with the right topics at the right time.

That means social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy. We show, implement and train together the tools, channels and mindsets necessary for this and empower you to be independent and self-reliant.

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Being successful in sales today means the combination of

  • analog i.e. traditional methods
  • and the digital possibilities like webpage, online store, newsletter, ChatBot, Social Media (LinkedIn), etc.

MaL!sh focuses on "best-of-both-worlds"! What does this mean for your company? We will clarify this together in the initial meeting.

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Team and organization development!
We develop your leadership, team leaders and teams.
We work with

  • workshops, trainings, coachings
  • in teams or individually and / or
  • accompany you interim over a longer period of time and take over specific task packages.

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Marketing and branding are the most important processes in the company. They fill the pipeline of (new) customers, partners and applicants. 


  • Social Media Marketing processes

  • Linkedin Strategy

Most companies fail because they do not generate customers from attention and leads. Let us advise you. 

  • Sales Process
  • Social Selling

Team and organizational development has many facets: new teams, leadership and change management (e.g. in merger & acquisition).

  • Training & Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • change Management
  • Employer Branding

MaL!sh specializes in business development, helping you generate online visibility and leads, access cutting-edge knowledge, train your employees and make them successful. 


Wo are we?

  • Business Strategists
  • Serial - Entrepreneurs
  • Sparring partners at eye level 

What we do!

  • We do Business development! 
  • We develop your business areas, transform your marketing & sales. 

how do we work!
  • in person, direct, with videos on demand 
  • online, hybrid, at your place
  • national und international

  • employed at the "corporate world": >15 years 
  • self-employed entrepreneurs
    : > 5 years
  • as interim in companies: 2 years

Business development is a holistic process at MaLish.

We combine marketing and sales

"From getting attention to getting business"


are you digitally positioned?

Anyone who wants to be successful nowadays, and in addition to the familiar channels such as TV, radio, and word-of-mouth, also wants to be present and successful online, uses the marketing, branding, and sales options that the Internet brings with it.

Marketing and sales are highly complex processes and these are only becoming more difficult to implement online (where potential customers are located but can easily be distracted).

Who is MaLish?

Founded in 2018 by Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde, MaL!sh stands not only for the first names of the two founders and managing directors, and an Arabic wisdom*, but above all for the success of our clients. In more than 5 years, we have been able to accompany more than 100 sole proprietorships and medium-sized companies in topics such as transformation of processes, structures, markets, customers, employees, as well as marketing & branding (focus on online marketing, social media, LinkedIn), sales (focus on digital sales and social selling) and HR topics such as employer branding, leadership, training & development and time management.

Read more about the company's vita in the course or click here

Maike Benner


Maike is your competent contact person for the following topics

structures, processes, systems

Marketing, Branding, Sales

Maike has both an academicand also has an international business background, which is her greatest asset when advising companies, working with start-ups or mentoring students during her volunteer work.

Her mission is to share her knowledge and experience with clients and accelerate their success.

Equipped with four academic degrees and unusual international experience (Egypt, Brazil), she is the expert in out-of-the-box thinking and prides herself in providing her clients with actionable tools and systems around marketing & branding and digital sales.

Her professional background comes from pricing and controlling, as well as project management for SAP-based IT projects (blueprinting, implementation, training).

Lilli Rohde


Lilli is your competent contact person for the following topics

Team and organizational development

Management and Leadership Consulting

Implementing, executing and improving have always been Lilli's drive. While completing her Bachelor's degree part-time and after working for four years, she used her more than ten years in the corporate world to develop from administrator to team leader, to regionally responsible product manager, and climbed the career ladder to Head of Region Americas, NMEI to Global Key Account Manager.

During this time in the food and beverage industry, she led international sales teams and implemented systems, tools and processes on a global scale.
Lilli's strength is her ability to learn quickly and adapt dynamically to customer needs, always challenging the status quo and looking for the most efficient solution.

Her ability to motivate and encourage helps her and others go the extra mile for professional and personal success.


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M like Management ⬇️

Strategy consulting, interim management.
We work with our clients on a long-term basis and work closely with the management and the respective teams.

In 3 cases we were interim - i.e. transitional - for our clients as Head of Customer Service, VP Salesund COO tätig.

like Attention ⬇️

Attention, reputation and visibility are the German terms for marketing & branding. We make sure of that:
- with a holistic and meaningful presence on social media,
- with impulses, speeches, key notes (public speaking),
- with strategic event participation or by hosting events, trade fairs, networking and customer events.
From this, we generate leads and customers in the long term.

like Leadership⬇️

Leadership, change agents and the right mindset are essential for every company today.
We deliver the right impulses and solutions in the form of workshops, impulses and concrete teamwork.
Our measures are supported by our own online training platform - MaLIsh Campus.

like Intrapreneurship⬇️

Intrapreneurship stands for the combination of the words intracorporate and entrepreneurship. It refers to employees who are able to pursue and implement their entrepreneurial ideas within a company.Here we support with our approach of business development, empowerment, mindset & leadership.

like Sales⬇️

The fuel in the business is paying customers and returning clients.

In the online age, we help you digitally augment your sales process. We're not talking about bots or rationalizing away people here. Quite the opposite. Our strategy has your sales team as an integral part. We support lead generation through e.g. social media and significantly LinkedIn. We are experts in this field. Have a look for yourself and network with us on LinkedIn: Maike Benner & Lilli Rohde

H like Human Resources⬇️

Your most important asset is your employees. We support you with
  • Training & Development of your employees (workshops, trainings, specific trainings e.g. on time management and LinkedIn
  • and for new hires via social recruiting. We use the concept of employer branding and we have developed a unique method from it. Read more here.

MaL!sh Newsletter

Updates, news and information to help you improve your business and your career!

satisfied customers


This represents only a small excerpt.


Feel free to stop by LinkedIn and check out our many recommendations. 

The team introduces itself 

At MaL!sh you will always be looked after by the owners. Depending on the project, we work in pairs or support you individually with our expertise.

The team is strengthened by Fatima Gorezi. 



Here is an excerpt from our customer testimonials. You can find more recommendations on our LinkedIn profiles

How we work - remotely or on-site! 

We see many advantages in remote collaboration with you and your teams. Especially in the area of social media, a remote way of working has proven to be very effective. 

„Remote is the new normal”

- This applies to a large part of our consulting portfolio, which can be presented very well online - i.e. via video tools. Especially in the area of social media consulting and training, online has clear advantages.

  1.  you do not have to drive to us or pay for our travel.
  2. we use the time effectively and achieve the effect of 2 hours presence in 90 minutes online
  3. you can record the sessions or make screenshots at any time 
  • Individual sessions
  • Coaching of (small) groups
  • Trainings for departments/companies 

on site

We are still happy to visit you on site or travel to your foreign branches around the globe.

The best experience we have with personal meetings is in the area of workshops. When we work out something together, or you with our support. 

Who are our customers?

Our company history

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