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MaLish is a unique combination of two women going beyond standards. Combining their experiences and strengths in people management, financials, tools and system, communication, project management, (team) development and leadership, the founders Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde offer a variety of consultancy and coaching services to companies and individuals.

By using our professional and personal know-how we target the best results for your employees, customers and stakeholders. MaLish is creativity, curiosity, flexibility, motivation, leadership and innovation.
We see connections in a wide variety of topics, think of innovative solutions outside the box and start implementing them. We love sharing gained knowledge, helping to see the bigger picture and changing one’s perspective in life. We always go the extra mile for our client and help to create professional and personal success.

Be the captain of your life and embrace change.


Seit 6. Mai 2020 im Handel: unser Fachbuch “Tatort Zeitmanagement – den Zeitdieben auf der Spur”



Since May 6th our first publication – a business book on time management is available in German.

MaLish Business

Our approach is to spend time with your teams, learn the “language” and to conduct holistic coaching, (team) training, improve or implement tools and systems that are relevant to your industry, teams and culture, leading to efficiency, empowerment and satisfaction.

We use our years of corporate experience, systems & people skills as well as our international experience to develop tailor-made services. We offer workshops, seminars, coachings, presentation and project management training.

People are the greatest asset of a company. Motivated, well-educated and respected employees can deliver the results you as a company want to achieve. Investing in skills and development is a good investment – don’t hesitate to start changing & implementing with MaLish.

Your Business – Our Solution

MaLish International

Hallo, Hey, Hola, Oi, Приве́т, G’day, Guude, مرحبا, Grüezi,

Everybody is talking about internationalisation – we are living it. You have done the first steps and decided to go abroad with your business and have chosen a country and a way of entry? MaLish supports you in getting started in that country and to understand the basic cultural settings.

Sending your employees to a different culture or receiving employees from abroad can be the best experience. MaLish helps to make that expat experience to become a success story.

YOU are planning to spend some months in Brazil, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Australia, USA, Canada or Ireland? – Perfect, MaLish offers you a starter kit for your inspiring experience.

Become a local abroad.

MaLish Connecting

MaLish Connecting has the target to connect people from all walks of life, address and break up stereotypes, encourage an atmosphere of support towards each other in a business and personal context.

MaLish Connecting is the right choice for you if you want to increase your network, meet like-minded people and use the power of amazing platforms to connect. Our main target is to empower, inspire and help you to realise your full potential.

MaLish wants to create awareness of our own behaviour, help to reflect, change and inspire to think outside of the box. Our vision is to empower and connect women all around the world.
A strong female network is already created with our own event series “Female Office Challenges” and the cooperation with Global Woman.

Connecting to grow

Ile maison


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