Discover LinkedIn as a serious online channel for marketing, leads, acquisition, sales & employee recruitment.

LinkedIn is....


Branding tool

to give you expert status

Lead generator

Find potential customers

contact point

to network, send info and use as Landing page


to track


Making results measurable

Who are we?

We are Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde, a strategy consultancy focused on medium-sized businesses. We develop companies, help to establish business units, build up locations. We work with our unique marketing, branding and sales concept on the pulse of time - namely online and with the help of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn as a Tool
that's all it is...
We use LinkedIn to achieve business goals and don't waste your time or ours by showing you how to avoid the "scrolling-tru-the-feed" trap.
Is LinkedIn enough?
The LinkedIn platform is more than enough for business (as of 2023). No (solo) self-employed person, no entrepreneur, no company, no employee needs more in business. We are happy to provide the proof.


LinkedIn is THE tool for lead - generation and with the right strategy customers are acquired as a direct result.
Reputation & Branding
Building and maintaining your own branding, that too can be done easily with LinkedIn.
Good employer branding, which includes not only the HR department, and a sustainable strategy will save a lot of time and money internally or for head  hunters.
By the simplest of means, filter out the people you want in your network.

Why LinkedIn?

"It wasn't until we launched in 2018 that I became really active on LinkedIn. Instead of complaining about why we hadn't used LinkedIn sooner, we started there and then and worked until we had a network, a voice, a strategy to get leads and aquire customer. Only then did we add LinkedIn to our own portfolio."

We are known from:
Our LinkedIn workshops have reached 1,000 people and include well-known insititutions such as Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft (BVMW), Lions Club, Lean In, Women & Work, Shero community, Verband der Gründer und Selbstständigen (VDGS), Internationale University (IU), TU Berlin alumni network.

Maike on LinkedIn

our own Expertise

"Practise what you preach" - we have done our homework 


Maike - Lilli - Malish


for renowned associations, alumni networks etc. 


who have learned live from us 


Businesses & Individuals


of all our LinkedIn posts 
with Guests and VIPs


"We started without a network, sponsors or customers who initially supported us. Thrown in at the deep end, we had to learn Sales 4.0 in the digital age from scratch just as you are probably doing right now.
Believe us, it wasn't easy and my driver is to make it easier for others."

LinkedIn is not only easy to learn and free, but it gives you direct feedback on success or failure and lets you derive actions.
Lilli on LinkedIn


Provides a first impression that sticks

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!" This also applies to LinkedIn.

let's the network grow

A good and reliable network does not "fall of the tree". We show you what is needed to turn contact into a contract

Creates expert status

Whether you use expert status to attract customers, applicants or the press... that's entirely up to you.

reduces need for a website

Provocative - but we know it our opinion. Instead of investing a lot of money in SEO, be active where your customers are.

select from 3 Products

All our services are
personal - individual - tailored to your strategy

We meet online for 60 Minutes each session, implement on the spot and record the sessions


live - online - 30 Minutes

  • We give you 30 minutes of our time
  • give feedback
  • make recommendations
  • answer your questions about other products
Booking the free call
LinkedIn Starter Kit

Within 3 hours we make your profile meaningful and build and expand your network.

557 € netto
    • 3 appointments a 60 minutes
    • online and possible from everywhere
    • free choice of dates
    • Additional material and checklists
Interested? Let's chat to see if it's a match
LinkedIn Boost Strategy+Interview

The focus here is primarily on strategic work, posting strategies and lead generation.

997 € netto
    • 5 individual sessions a 60 minutes
    • 1 LinkedIn Live Interview
    • Cheat sheet and additional material
Interested? Let's chat to see if it's a match
Learn as a team

LinkedIn Group courses

For a number of years we have regularily been offering LinkedIn courses for up to 10 people.

  • once a week
  • online via zoom
  • with additional personal sessions

these are our USPs

Interested to start a group?

You would like to be the host of a group? No problem!

Whether is a group of friends, co-workers, employees, network partners etc. , together we make it work!

Give us a call

Let's have a chat via telephone or zoom to create the next amazing group.

Our satisfied customers

These are only a small selection.

Feel free to drop by on LinkedIn and see our many recommendations

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