Women in infrastructure

Sustainability, infrastructure and female leadership

September highlight – first conference on women in infractructure in Frankfurt

Women are...

  • Women are stakeholders
  • Women are professionals who create infrastructure assets
  • Women are participating in infrastructure value chain
  • Women are public officials, architects, planners, advisors, engineers, developers…
  • Women create added value by bringing insight and knowledge.
  • Women bring new perspectives
  • Women are known for “transformational” leadership versus “transactional” leadership.

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The purpose

The purpose of the event is to accelerate gender mainstreaming in infrastructure development and align it with the SDGs. Furthermore, the event is a networking
opportunity intended to support women working in the infrastructure sector and, in particular, with public-private partnership projects. We advocate for greater
representation of women in the infrastructure sector and provide opportunities and tools for women to connect with each other.

Malish workshop

Maike and Lilli will be holding a workshop on career development in the afternoon of the 28th of September.

The career experts and compagneur will share useful tips and tricks on how to build up your career, boost it to the next level. Specifically targeted to the female audience, Maike and Lilli are going to give you new insights.

At the end of the day, be prepared for some action and great atmosphere.

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