We share our coaching wisdom in 3 consecutive articles: Compagneur coaching goes international

Thanks to Veronica Sousa and Claire Morley, we have had the great opportunity to showcase our coaching approach for the Compagneur Coaching.

Since our Signature Coaching programme consists of three phases



we have designed and published an article for each phase.

What is required to grow a business

Is a great business idea the solution and a guarantor for success? Are entrepreneurs born or can anyone become a great business owner and leader? Are businesses best created in isolation and alone or with the help of consultants, coaches, business partners, family and friends?

All businesses are facing unprecedented challenges nowadays. Of course, that’s what every generation would say of their time, but if you look at globalisation, environmental issues, political and religious tension, Artificial Intelligence, bioweapons or lately the Corona virus, we are definitely faced with new hurdles. Whereas challenges in the past might have been restricted to one economy or only affected the social lives of some, what we see today is impacting every creature on planet earth and has tremendous effects on our businesses – whether big or small, whether we own them, manage them or are simply employed.

Let's check-in to your business

What does it mean to CHECK IN with your business? Well, as mentioned in the previous issue we want to give you some ideas and guidance on how to you can start, maintain and grow your business. Everything on the entrepreneurial journey starts with YOU, your WHY, your VALUES and your ABILITY to manage yourself. Most entrepreneurs or wannabe-entrepreneurs think that the business idea is enough, and they don´t have to have a clear picture and vision of themselves as business owners. From our point of view, a vision and congruent message are crucial for consistent success. As an extra, it will also help you to get through tough times.

Boarding time for your business

Fasten your seatbelt before reading on – we are about to board and take your business (after the check-in) one step closer to taking -off.

Are you slightly confused at this point and wondering where this article is heading? If you are not familiar with our series of entrepreneurial pieces for the Business Fit Magazine, let us enlighten you what the travel metaphors have to do with business.

The Take-off

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