Murphy’s law vs Law of attraction

These two laws are not so much laws of classical physics but very closely related to mindset, the Compagneur focus topic of this week. The theory of Murphy says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong whereas the law of attraction states that we attract whatever we are exploring with our minds. Law of attraction sounds very romantic and Murphy’s law like written by a pessimist. One must credit Murphy that apparently, he himself was very unhappy that his sentence, which he used when working in the US Air Force, has developed into a common place and jocular statement. As Murphy has raised a lot of controversial reaction, I will dedicate this article to a few thoughts.

Does Murphy’s law impact one’s mindset?

My interpretation is yes, absolutely. Yet I don’t see it as a self-fulfilling prophecy or an excuse to walk around scattering negative vibes. What I take out of Murphy is to always have a worst case scenario in the back of your mind. Of course he was thinking in military and space terms whereas I am focused on my entrepreneurial life. To have a worst case scenario in the back of one’s mind allows us to react more positive to deviations from the plan. To give an example: I am writing this article not with pen and pensil on a sheet of paper but on my laptop. I could easily – through my own or others fault – lose all the data. This is my worst case scenario. So if only half the article is lost in ether, I can say “c’est la vie”and “could have been worse”.
I am not living with the constant threat of a dooms day in mind, but I lets me plan carefully from the start, weigh the options and take precautions. In the context of above example, I could safe a version of my work on a different drive and the cloud or I could come to the conclusion that connecting my separate drive to my computer may not be worth the effort as I could rewrite this article from memory.
So to me Murphy’s law is not all about attracting negative thoughts and people but actually to remain open, flexible and adaptable to change.

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