#Mindset: it starts with daily routine

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Where is your mind?
To be successful in whatever you define as such, there are many focus topics that help achieve this. We have chosen the topic mindset as the start to the series because we see it as the basis for a successful professional and personal life. It is not a remedy for all and only one aspect but in our view one of the most important ones to get started – and it’s ideal for starting the new year.
To break down the complex topic of mindset we have divided it into sub topics which are daily routine, Murphy’s law vs. law of attraction, find your why and how to escape from negative environments.
Daily routine
The word routine often has a slightly negative connotation: boring, predictable, for losers and inflexible people only. Everyone wants adventure, diversity and fun but we all have daily routines that we have allowed to enter our lives. This article does not criticise daily routine – quite the contrary. I am exploring the positive sides of daily routine and its connection to mindset.
Daily routine is programming your mind to get used to certain ways of working and thinking. If we manage to make use of this, we can grow our productivity and our degree of content. In that sense I am all in favour of routine and I am convinced that routine lets us accomplish more things.
Daily routine does not mean to have your first cup of coffee at 7:38 am and to freak out at 7:40 am if you haven’t had it by then. My plea for daily routine connected to mindset is to set a routine that lets you accomplish certain things during a certain time. That is for example have an email session every day from 10 am to midday or do strategy sessions in the morning when you are still fresh. That way your body learns to perform in a certain way during these hours and also, if you communicate it to your surroundings, you will not be bothered during your strategy sessions and your emails might arrive at 10:10 am just in time to get answered straight away. Also, a planned day assures that you can fit all in: taking time to eat, recreation, sport, intense uninterrupted working sessions.
If you have a daily routine, you are less likely to divert from it. There are millions of ways and temptation to get side tracked: a call from a good friend, an email with “urgent” and “RE: RE: RE” and a billion exclamation marks in the header… But if you have your routine and you know your email time is due in 2 hours, you can stay focused on the task and that email can be dealt with during your allocated time. I would consider myself to be halfway there. I have muted the email pop-up on my PC and remove the phone from my desk if I don’t want get side tracked. I hope I will be able keep this behaviour as I see immediate benefits already.
„Der Mensch ist ein Gewohnheitstier“
This is a very typical German phrase and basically means that we humans by nature are used to recurring habits. I also have certain routines on my daily agenda: three meals a day with 6h break in between, work during the day – free time in the evenings, swimming three nights per week and twice to the gym. People reading this might say: what kind of life is this? How does she keep from freaking out? It works for me because nothing is set in stone. My sportive hours are place holders and each day I can evaluate what gives me more pleasure and moves me forward: intense swimming session with my team or e.g. a networking event which will bring my business forward. No matter what I do, I will do something which I enjoy, and it means the daily tasks have to be done before. Period.
As with everything in life, also daily routine needs balance and times of breaking the habit. For me those times are the times when I travel. I make sure to have no plan so I can go with the flow – and assure that I stay flexible and open. Buying a plane ticket, grabbing my backpack and a lonely planet travel guide is all I need then.
Start with small steps
For those who have an aversion against daily routine, who freak out at the thought of each day looking the same, I can recommend the following – both applicable if employed or self-employed: Sit down each evening as the last task and review the things you did that day and plan for the next day – the next 24 hours. This is a manageable task and you can incorporate deviations last minute. And always ask yourself: is what I am doing going to move me and my mindset forward.

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