MaLish 2nd interview in Canada

We are very honoured to have been invited back to Toronto do give another live interview at

Who would have thought that our initial search for a space to hold our Meetup “Female Office Challenges: how we handle Bitch’in, Boss and Biz” would turn out in us being on Canadian TV broacasted live to a Canadian and worldwide online audience ? To be honest: we weren’t yet it turned out to be such a great opportunity for us to meet incredible people and start cooperating.

As mentioned this was our second interview. Luckily we were able to accept the invitation to be there in person as we were “close by” – meaning in New York City for the Global Woman Summit and Toronto is just a two hours flight away. The moderator Hugh asked us about what has happened since the last time we visited in April and we could share our business model and our three company pillars. As we also returned that day to hold our meetup “Female Office Challenges” we also talked about how women interact with one another at the work place.

Malish at ThatChannel
Malish at ThatChannel

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