How you start your day routes to the results you´ll achieve

What time did your alarm went off today? Did you pushed the snooze button – be honest how many times? Than rushing out of bed, taking a fast coffee mostly no breakfast, rushing to public transportation or being stuck in the traffic on the way to work. Arriving in the office totally stressed out or even being late for the first meeting. Other scenario is that you have to get your family ready for work, school, kindergarten. How do you feel when your day starts like a marathon? Are you productive when you´re finally at work?

Many years my morning was without routine and a daily competition: me against the wish to sleep and to be at work on time. I felt stressed and the first hour at work was to come down, absolutely non-productive. When you are caught in the rat race and your day is, more or less, predetermined: the time you have to be at work, meetings which are terminated and you need to attend, Business trips or trade shows during the year which are also fixed. the more important to have the day under your control. When I realized that significant changes are needed in my daily routine, I started with baby steps:

· Make your bed every morning. This is psychologically a very powerful and easy to implement tool. The moment you made your bed you have the first task / mission of the day successfully completed. Your reward center receives a boost first thing in the morning.

· If you are not a morning person put your alarm 30mins before the usual wake up time. My tip is to have a radio alarm with your favorite radio station or music at the other end of the room (not controlled over your smartphone). This helps you to wake up and not to snooze. And you will still have enough time for a good breakfast, to read something for yourself and get to work without being stressed out. I advise not look at your smartphone until you´ve finished the first cup of coffee / tea. Use the time of the morning to concentrate on YOU, the social media world will be still there. Which is the first application you check on our smartphone? How about Linkedin? You will get news of the day, articles and post from your favourite leader? Who has already pre-screened the news “for you” or even a message from a company or headhunter which will boost your self-esteem

· Structure your work day – successful managers have a daily schedule where every 5mins are planned. Honestly, if you are so busy than you do something wrong. In 5 mins to handle a task sustainable is doubtable. From my experience it makes sense to plan hourly or bi-hourly, depends on your job profile. You have great calendar functions – make use of them. Have a buffer in between meetings and calls. (to prepare or re-work). Learn to prioritize, if you don´t know how to do it ask a colleague who is good at it or get yourself a coach who can work with you on this. For Managers – delegate! And as well if you have some issues with this get yourself a coach. You will see what amazing results can be achieved and help you to reach the next level.

· Key to all is your self-motivation, without it you cannot fulfill above mentioned points. How to motivate yourself and keep up I will write in another article.

Meanwhile do the following exercise:

Write down how your day looks like – from waking up until going to bed. And write down what is taking a lot of your energy during the day. As next step write down how a perfect average day would look like. With this you´ll easily figuring out where your weak points are and what is needed to reach your imaginary.


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