Global Woman Summit Part I

As widely announced beforehand on social media and our homepage, we had the great honour of being part of this amazing and inspiring 4-day conference in New York City, initiated by Mirela Sula and her Global Woman Team.

Global Woman is an international organisation founded by Mirela Sula with the aim of connecting women worldwide, empowering them to go on stage, to share their story, pitch their business and do business together. We first came across Global Woman in April of this year and were surprised and happy when we realised that Mirela Sula shares our values and beliefs and has already built a strong international network. At this stage we were very well under way in building up our own international network around our event series “Female Office Challenges: how we handle Bitch’in, Boss and Biz” which we had held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Toronto (Canada), London (UK) and Frankfurt (Germany).

Yet we instantly realised that combining these two networks would be beneficial for all. Also staying true to our values and our mission “connecting women to grow” we contacted Mirela and asked why there is no Global Woman Club in Germany and if she would be interested in cooperating with us to bring this amazing network to Germany. To cut a long story short: we will now be opening the first Germany Global Woman Club in Frankfurt on the 14th of October and hope you will be among those guests that will see us achieve great things together.

Maike and Lilli with the founder of Global Woman - Mirela Sula
Maike and Lilli with the founder of Global Woman - Mirela Sula

Back to the Global Woman Summit:
When Mirela invited us to not only come to New York City but also to share our input, values and ideas on Global Leadership as speakers in the panel discussion, we were instantly hooked and started preparing immediately with creating a logo for our business and international pillar, initiating a new homepage and ordering a banner for our stand as you can see below.

Malish Banner at the Global Woman Summit
Malish Banner at the Global Woman Summit

Since there was a certain tendency of Murphy’s law (“anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) of making us unpunctual in meeting Global Woman worldwide (read our interview with the Global Woman Magazine ), we decided to be in New York City two days earlier.
Another positive side effect: we had time to see the city…

NYC Times Square by Maike Benner
Central Park

The briefing we received before the Global Woman Summit was that due to various reasons only one could be on stage for the panel discussion. We were asked to give a 2 minute pitch together on stage and then only one of us could stay on stage, whereas the other had to sit down. When you have a business which is built, branded and marketed around the experience and personalities of the two founders you must think it over carefully and outweigh the pros and cons. In all honesty we thought a lot about how best to handle it…. Shall the one go on stage who “found” Global Woman on Eventbrite, the one with the best idea around it, the one who seemed to have done more or shall we let fate or luck decide?
As we pictured ourselves making up competitions and picking a fight and being very untrue to our own values we thought it would be good to show the audience how not to do it. So we said let’s make a video and show it to the audience. Thus we combined our sightseeing tour in New York City with filming little fun competitions. For example we played “rock, paper, scissors” on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty or musical chairs (known to us as “Reise nach Jerusalem”) in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and ran up the stairs of the Empire State building. We hope we made you curious and you are going to watch the video.

As mentioned this was a joke since we would never let fate decide or start a cat fight but it was a great opportunity to share a bit about ourselves, our humour and promote our youtube channel (MaL!sh connecting) and homepage (

Of cause if you have been on this planet for some time and also if you know Mirela Sula then you know that in the end everything turns out differently. To learn what actually happened on the panel the next day, check out the next article…

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