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MaLish structures or re-structures your administrative teams, for the most efficient result, supports you in international team building taking under consideration cultural backgrounds. MaLish offers customised workshops/ seminars/ coachings based on our field research within your teams. We provide presentation training as well as project management training – with immediate execution to your product/services. We conduct junior and middle management trainings – so your future managers have the best possible education to become outstanding leaders and result deliverers in your industry.
Our aim is to develop together with you processes and strategies and align them to changing environments.


Customized Trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Coachings – We speak your “Language”

Your Business - Our Solution

Team Development

You want your team(s) to be the best? You want your team(s) to excel? You want to have motivated and more productive team members? MaLish offers you a unique service to reach your goals.
Our concept is to spend some days with your teams in their work environment to understand your products and services, your (company) “language” and culture, your tools and systems and your team dynamics. Based on this we are creating the training concept customized to your demands.
This package is a holistic approach, ranging from a practical way of working, tools and systems to complex human dynamics. In workshops, sessions, seminars and trainings we tackle the day to day issues either at your company site or off-site. With this it is guaranteed that your teams will have the perfect tools and methods at hand to be able to execute immediately.

Team Building

Key of a successful team is to get the right people together, those that are empowering and motivating each other, have fun and excel at what they are doing which ultimately leads to the best results and profits. Personality tests, support within the recruiting process, team and process evaluation, (re-) structuring of existing processes and teams as well as onboarding support, are the elements MaLish is offering you in this segment.

Processes & Strategy

What is the fuel of your company? We are convinced that you’ll say processes and strategy. MaLish supports you on your business and strategy development, reviews your internal processes and structures. Our main goal is to make you more successful. Often it helps to have a neutral view on your internal process and implementation of easy changes can have the biggest impact.
In total, we have more than 15 years of experience in process and strategy optimization and implementation within different industries – we are here to make you successful fast.

Project Management

Virtually all tasks around us as individuals or in a company context are projects. Whether we formally or informally set them up as such, the challenges are the same. How to start, how to execute, how to assign the right people. However, projects or even programs are not that clear to grasp and are often neglected. This is where MaL!sh helps company projects to become more effective and efficient, at any stage of its life cycle. With our background in project management with regards to tools and systems, sales, product development & improvement and team structures we can bring this into your company.
MaLish also offers general project management training. This helps your team to get structure, organize themselves individually or in the team and to manage their tasks in “little” projects. With this “pre-project” training your teams are empowered to set up projects effectively.
Projects do not only need to be executed on time, in budget, in scope but also be communicated. One of the highest traps in any project is that after the major part of the work has been done, the implementation, training (if needed) and communication to all stakeholders gets neglected. We show you who to address and overcome this shortcoming.

Systems and Tools

Whether you work with a basic MS office solution or a sophisticated enterprise resource program (ERP) MaLish helps you to assess and align current systems and tool in your company. Sometimes efficiency training on current systems is sufficient, sometimes a structured ERP System is the solution for customer and employee satisfaction and for more efficiency and company profits. With an outsider’s view and experience from different companies and industries MaLish is your partner when you want to get your systems and tools to the next level.


You have great human resources in your company and want to assure that they are developed to become great leaders in your company and society.
People are the key source: to empower and to support their development is bringing you loyalty and motivation and enhanced performance on all levels.
MaLish is a reliable partner when it comes to mentoring programs and support. Being a mentor is a possibility to give something of your knowledge to the next leading generation.

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