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July 2, 2019

Global Woman Summit 2019Maike and Lilli will be representing Malish live on stage on the 13th / 14th of July 2019 in London. After a successful year as Malish consultants and Global Woman Directors for Frankfurt, Maike and Lilli are again pitching their business infront of 300 business people, customers and friends. "This year we [...]

May 15, 2019


Tags: compagneur

Compagneur Austausch bei Tsunami Axis Compagneur goes networking. Malish lädt alle Interessierten im Frankfurter Raum zum ersten offenen Austausch und Netzwerken. Compagneur verbindet die Arbeitswelten der Angestellten (company) und Selbstständigen (Entrepreneur). Dazu laden wir am Montag, 21. Mai 2019 um 18:30 Uhr zu einem persönlichen Treffen in einer lockeren Büroatmosphäre. Welcher Ort ist dazu besser [...]

May 12, 2019

Malish auf der Women and Work Messe 2019 Glückwunsch an Melanie Vogel, Linda Kessler und das komplette Messeteam zu einer herausragenden Messe am 4. Mai 2019 in Frankfurt. Ich persönlich kenne die Messe seit 2010, als ich zum ersten Mal nach Ende des Studiums auf Jobsuche war. Was mein Interesse weckte, war die Tatsache, dass [...]
PechaKucha ist eine Kurzvortragsform bei der die Vortragenden 20 Folien und 6 Minuten 40 Zeit bekommen um ihren Inhalt einem live Publikum zu vermittlen. Die Herausforderung dabei: jede Folie wird für genau 20 Sekunden angezeigt. Female Office Challenges in Kürze darzustellen, schien wie ein unmögliches Unterfangen - das Ergebnis ist hier zu sehen.

May 3, 2019

Women and Work is an international career trade show for women wanting to start a career, re-enter the workforce or change jobs, positions or become self employed. Topped with career corner, where participants can have their CVs checked, professional pictures taken and talk with career coaches and consultants. All in one event - all in [...]

February 25, 2019

We all have long-term and short-term targets. Maybe we don’t call them exactly that, maybe we have different definitions of what is long-term and what is short-term and maybe also the nature of our targets and duration is different – depending on whether we are employees or entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you need to have [...]

January 26, 2019

What time did your alarm went off today? Did you pushed the snooze button – be honest how many times? Than rushing out of bed, taking a fast coffee mostly no breakfast, rushing to public transportation or being stuck in the traffic on the way to work. Arriving in the office totally stressed out or [...]
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