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Female Office Challenges - How we handle Bitch'in, Boss and Biz

Females in an office set up face various challenges. Addressing this we have created the event series “Female Office Challenges” with the subtitle “how we handle Bitch’in, Boss and Biz” and have taken it international to 4 different countries. All around the world women have various tasks to perform in their respective societies and this is why all females should stick together: connecting, sharing and cheering for each other.

“Celebrate each other – throw business showers for your fellow female colleague” Lilli Rohde

In this meet up we bring together experiences from various countries and industries, create awareness for (subconscious) female office behaviour and give you the platform to exchange and share your office challenges while connecting with great women from all around the world.

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Interview ThatChannel in Toronto, Canada before the second Female Office Challenges event in July 2018.

Female Office Challenges in PechaKucha short style presented at the Women and Work career fair and congress, Frankfurt May 2019

Global Woman

Global Woman is a female (business) network that empowers women to connect, exchange and work together on an international basis. Founded in London 4 years ago, it is now the fastest growing international network with 27 Clubs around the world.

Global Woman Club Frankfurt

The Global Woman Club Frankfurt meets on a monthly basis – always on the 14th – at the Welcome Hotel (Leonadro-Da-Vinci Allee).

At 8:30 we start with a breakfast buffet, followed by networking, content and member pitches.

At 11:30 we conclude with a group picture and more networking.

GW- eventbrite

Interested in joining the breakfast?

Every woman can experience the Global Woman Club once by purchasing a ticket via eventbrite (see screenshot left).

You can make full use of the network, enjoy a lovely breakfast buffet and profit from an inspirational morning.

To return you can join the club on the day at a discount.

Book before the end of a month to get the next breakfast at an early bird special rate.

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Interested in joining the club

GW join


  • Attend any Global Woman Club networking event worldwide – as many as you choose in one year
  • Speak to the room to promote your business globally at any location
  • 50% discount on Global Woman Club networking events
  • Special Offers & Discounts on Events
  • Access to our global network to collaborate and for partnering
  • networking platform

Want to know more

You can find all information about the Global Woman Club and the club in Frankfurt online.

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Compa(g)neur – the first programme that targets curious and engaged career seekers.
We support both – employees working in the corporate world as well as entrepreneurs in their individual journey.

Our mission is to make teams successful and motivated and to help employees and entrepreneurs to reach their individual goals.
That´s why we have developed the Compa(g)neur program(me).

As the two of us – Compa(g)neur is a mix of the term company and entrepreneur. Our services range for both and everyone in transition from one to the other.

We started our own business last year and use our 15 years in companies and our start-up experience to support YOU.


Career planing & execution

You are just starting out or you want to take your career to the next level? – We help you to get there with individual coaching and practical support on methods, tools, how to network strategically. Together we develop your 5 career steps to reach the goals you are targeting.

From application process, interviews, salary and contract negotiations – we will find together the best solution for you and build up an individual plan so that YOU can obtain and grow in your dream job.



Our Mastermind unites in a small group people from various educational and cultural backgrounds. What counts is not so much whether you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, whether you are male or female or whether you have a lot of experience or just starting out in a new field.
What counts is that you are willing to give and to receive feedback, share your experience, willing to grow yourself as a person and sharpen your business and personal skills, support group members, hold and be held accountable, challenge and be challenged by the group.
In a group setting we share, discuss, receive feedback and achieve great success. The advantage of the groups setting is that you get various inputs before decisions-making. A trustful and honest surrounding where you can get inspired, develop creative ideas by listening to and assisting group members.



Everyone strives for an independent and self-fulfilling life. Money, among many other things, is one enabler of that. If managed and invested wisely it is one building block, if not than many doors are blocked.

Whether it is saving the money you have, investing it in yourself, on the stock exchange, in real estate to generate passive income… the options are manifold.

We are no financial experts conducting investment discussions but we are multiple investors ourselves and can speak from experience about different ways to work with your money or let money work for you.

Webinars & Tutorials

You don´t need to know everything – but you need to know where to find the answer. This is why we are putting together a series of webinars, tutorials and live training sessions. We are targeting your specific questions, helping and empowering you to take the gained knowledge further.

Within this category we are covering everything related to: career and personal development; computer literacy like MS office refresh, how can you generate a newsletter or create mailing list, a crash course on video and camera use and the editing and cutting using software and many more tips & tricks from our real life experience.
We will be uploading these and many other webinars and tutorials soon.




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